Becoming A Missionary

Becoming A Missionary

Do you want to become a missionary? The truth is, there isn’t really a “step by step” guide on how to be a missionary. It looks different for everyone. We all have unique interests, passions, and ministries that God has put on our hearts, and we’re not all on the same spiritual journey. Maybe the Lord is calling you to go on a missions trip with your church, and that’s where your journey begins. Or perhaps He’s calling you to an organization such as YWAM. No matter where the journey begins or where you are in the world, as long as you’re serving God and living out His purpose for you, then you’re a missionary. These steps listed below are more practical things to apply to your life if you’re interested in missionary work but are unsure of where to start. This blog applies to those who’re interested in doing missions work.

1. Pray and seek the Lord

First thing first: pray. We’re meant to pray without ceasing. That means praying continually about anything and everything. Read the Bible and soak in the words. In time, God will reveal what He’s calling you to do through missions. We can’t hear God speak unless we are intimate with Him and intentionally seek after Him. A missionary seek after God’s own heart, so do what it takes to draw closer to the Lord. This will look different for everyone. Ask Jesus what He wants you to do in order to hear Him.

2. What ministry?

There are hundreds if not thousands of different ministries out there… and there are far more to be dreamed of and established. Think about what you have a passion for. Maybe you're passionate about reaching the homeless, starting a business, or leading or serving a youth group. The opportunities and ministries are so vast that a list could go on for many pages.

3. Choose a place to serve

Another important step to becoming a missionary is choosing a country to serve in. You can even serve in your home country. There are lost people everywhere, even in your hometown, city or nation. It’s so incredible how we’re able to travel all around the world and proclaim the word of God. We have a voice that allows us to exalt Him, and we’re meant to use it within the nations. There are so many places in the world that need to be lit up with the light of Jesus.

4. Get trained (do a DTS!)

Let’s face it, you can’t go out and serve unless you get proper training first. If you’re wanting to travel to a foreign nation, you have to do tons of research to prepare for and understand the culture you’ll be encountering. Here at Youth With A Mission, we have schools that are meant to train and disciple people so they can go out into the nations and transform the world. Through our Discipleship Training Schools, you get to be in an environment where you learn so much about God and yourself. You constantly have others around you who love Jesus with their whole heart, and that makes the experience so much more worthwhile. The people and community within YWAM LA is incredible. We do what we do because God called us here to serve a purpose, and that purpose is to advance His kingdom. We disciple young people to go out into the nations and influence the world toward Jesus.

Being a missionary is one of the greatest jobs. You gain new experiences and are able to travel, see different countries and their cultures, and influence the world towards Jesus. What could be better than that? Yes, these are all fantastic things, but living as a missionary is also quite difficult. You need to rely on the Lord a whole lot more and surrender and give your whole heart to Him daily. It can get tough with funding, finances, being away from family and friends, and going out of your comfort zone. However, God calls us to follow Him despite the circumstances and what we may be leaving behind. Are you willing?

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