Daily Dose of Jesus

Daily Dose of Jesus

Having a daily quiet time is crucial for our relationship with Jesus. It allows us to practice intimacy with Him, and out of that intimacy comes joy and peace. Also, we’re able to hear God more when we take time to be with Him. Take time during your day to soak in God’s magnificent presence. Make God a priority and spend quality time alone with Him daily. This is essential for growing in your relationship with Jesus. After all, intimacy is everything.

But what do quiet times look like, and what can you do to maintain spending time with the Lord daily? There are many activities you can do within your quiet times, and you don’t have to do the same thing every day. You can change it up a bit if you want. You could spend your quiet times doing many different activities. The possibilities are endless. I’ll give you a list below of a few activities that you can do if you don’t know where to start…or if you just need some ideas:

 1. Journal

Writing in a journal is a great method of quiet time. You can write down a prayer, praise, what you’re feeling that day, letter to God, or literally anything you want. Many people find writing things down to be very therapeutic and helpful. If you aren’t one for journaling or you’ve never done it before, try giving it a go! Maybe you’ll surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it and find that the Holy Spirit really speaks to you through journaling.


2. Read your Bible

Obviously, this is a really important thing to do during your daily quiet time. As you read, you can highlight what stood out to you and what God is speaking through the verses you read. Mediate (and or, reflect) on what you read and ask the Lord what He’s trying to speak to you through those verses. Bible reading is difficult for some people to maintain as a habit, but that’s okay. Just start off small. You don’t have to start with reading an entire book, it can simply be one verse. Once you’ve read one verse a day for a week, try to read more the next week. Maybe a few sentences, then a chapter, and then two chapters. It’ll take time and patience, but you can discipline yourself to become used to reading the word daily that you form a habit of it.


3. Sit in silence

Sometimes all we need to do is sit in silence. I know it sounds boring, but you can actually hear God really well if you just stop and be quiet for a bit. Our mind might race with thoughts during this time, as it takes awhile for the clutter to fade away. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you an hour or much longer for your head to clear. Since we all live different lives, some people’s minds may be more occupied. While you sit in silence, you can give the grievances of your mind to Jesus. Yes, He can already hear your thoughts, but it all becomes more real and personal when we speak it aloud and fully surrender it to Him. It’s also important to speak out against the enemy because he likes to whisper foul lies into your ear while you attempt to pursue Jesus. He doesn’t want you and God to get close. He wants to break your bond and try to get you as far away from the Lord as possible. Since the enemy can’t hear your thoughts, physically speak out and rebuke the devil in Jesus’ name. He’ll have no choice but to flee.


4. Listen to worship music

Put on some worship music on your phone, speaker or whatever and just jam out….or listen intently to the lyrics. Both of these approaches are great for hearing God’s voice and spending time with Him. Music really speaks to the soul, especially worship music. We can really relate to it sometimes because the lyrics are exactly what we’re going through or what we needed to hear. There are so many Christian music options out there and you can find playlists upon playlists of amazing worship music. Give it a go!


5. Go for a walk

Many people find exercising to be a great way to have one-on-one time with God. Going on a walk can be really effective because you’re working your body. Some people say they can’t stay still, so this idea is a really great one if you’re stir crazy. Also, maybe you just love nature and feel the Lord’s presence whenever you’re among it. God’s creation is one of the many ways we can connect with Him and He with us. There are so many aspects to creation that God can use to speak to us. Be patient and willing to listen to what God has in store for you if you go on a walk for your quiet time.

A good question to consider is “how can I apply these to my life and get into the habit of having a daily quiet time?” Well my friends, making anything a habit isn’t easy. Even if you need to get into the habit of seeking God daily. And don’t feel bad if you skip a day, because nobody’s perfect. Try to have quiet time for half an hour every day of the week. Once you start the habit, it’ll become easier to remember, therefore something you’ll start doing without even thinking about it. Frequently hanging out with God is key to having a good relationship with Him. He wants you to take time out of your day to be with Him because God loves you and desires that special quality time with His beloved.

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