Dreaming With Jesus

Dreaming With Jesus

A topic we’ve been talking a lot about recently here at YWAM LA is the topic of dreams. It’s our new theme for this spring quarter, and this theme is so fitting because so many of our staff and students have incredible dreams. There are visions of coffee shops, businesses, writing and publishing books, receiving healing, starting new ministries, and so much more. We’re patiently waiting for the Lord to fulfill them, but waiting and being patient can be very tough. What we need to do in the time of waiting is seek God and pray regarding our hopes and desires. But in the waiting process, remain patient. Being patient for something is probably one of the hardest things we can do. Our culture wants everything now and doesn’t want to wait, but God’s timing is perfect. We need to trust in that and believe in our hearts that what He has planned is far better than anything we have in mind for the future. 

Have you ever had an aspiration so substantial that you didn’t think it was possible to accomplish? Maybe you want to start a business, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. Whatever your goal, it’s never too big for God. We often think that little things don’t matter to Him, but the truth is, He cares about everything. Even if we regard one of our goals as small, God sees it as important. It's really neccessary to understand this, as well as the fact that we should be upfront about the dreams we have in our hearts. None of them can come true unless we put Jesus before it all and ask what He wants to do with our hopes and desires. No matter how big or small you believe your dream is, God has a plan and purpose as to why you have it in the first place. He created us with the intention of creating, dreaming, and desiring. Part of the journey is being patient and seeing what God will do through this season of your life. 

It can often be very difficult to believe that the Lord will fulfill our dreams. It can almost seem unattainable and far off from achieving. Just know to take one day at a time and constantly seek God. Without Him, we can do nothing. We need to include Him in our aspirations and not shut Him out thinking that our plans won’t align with His. 

Another important thing to remember is that we need to speak out about our dreams and not keep them to ourselves. When you speak it out, a person could be impacted and influenced to share as well. Also, you might meet someone with the same vision as you. What we should do is consistantly discuss it with others, and then ask God what the steps are to make the dream achievable. Voicing it also helps make it more real, as if the dream will happen. Know to speak with confidence that the Lord will make your aspirations happen one day. Although it's very hard, remain patient and learn to be content in the process. If the Lord promises that something will happen, it'll happen. 

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