Give Unto the Lord

Give Unto the Lord

Imagine the following scenario: It’s Sunday morning and you’re sitting in on a church service. The pastor asks the ushers to come forward to receive the tithe and offering. The pastor instructs the congregation to take a few minutes to ask the Lord how much they should give. Leaning back against your seat, you close your eyes and begin to focus your thoughts. Then you hear the Lord whisper, “give everything.”

That made your heart jolt a bit, right? What do you think you’d do if the Lord told you to give all the funds you had? Well, any normal human being would be terrified to give all the money in their bank account away. But Jesus doesn’t care if you have a steady income or whether you're rich or poor. He wants you to give generously and to obey Him when you're urged to give. It’s often very difficult because we tend to hold onto finances, clutching what we have tightly. What if we let go and let God do what He wants with the funds He's given us?

Money is something many people struggle with. If you’re in that place, then don’t fret. Jesus wants to rescue you from all your money troubles. But you need to surrender it all to Him because God knows what He wants to do with your finances. There’s a crucial life lesson that’s better learned when you’re younger and haven’t handled much money yet. The lesson is that we shouldn’t say that the money in our bank account is ours. The truth is that all the money we have in our possession is God’s. He rules over everything, even finances. Knowing this changes our perspective on how we view money. When we give it all to God, the less worrisome our taxes, debts, income, payments, and everything else become. The anxiety washes away and is replaced by peace. Wouldn’t you like to be free from the stress of money? Know that you don’t need to have it all under control.

He wants us to give our monthly tithe, but what if we gave more than that? What if we gave to a friend or family member who is in need? What if we gave to a homeless person on the streets, or to a charity? Our world would be changed for the better. It’s so vital for us to steward the money we have well. One way to steward it well is through giving. The Bible says in Luke 6:38, “give, and it will be given to you.” When we bless others with what we have, then God blesses us in return. Although it won't always be instant. You might have to wait awhile for Him to provide what you need, but know that blessings will come in the Lord’s perfect timing. 

In conclusion, use God's money wisely. It's not ours to spend however we please. We should give and use funds to benefit the kingdom. Trust that God has a plan no matter what your financial situation looks like. Await the Lord's timing and He will bless you by giving back even more than you gave. He is faithful and wants us to prosper in all that we do. 

By Communications | March 28th 2019 | missionaries, ywam los angeles, ywam, give, finances

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