God Is Greater

God Is Greater

Have you ever felt as if your emotions control you more than you control them? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our emotions and allow them to control us. Emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, sadness, anxiety, disappointment, and so many others can invade our minds and cause us to stumble. They constantly change…but the good news is, we have an unchanging God. Through all we endure, He remains steadfast.

God is greater than the highs and lows in life.

Are you having a rough day? Know that God is greater. Are things going your way and according to plan? God is greater. We often find ourselves getting lost in what causes us to feel negative and positive emotions. Sometimes this can even drive us - but we need to understand that we can’t just live by how we feel. If we did that, we’d constantly allow our emotions to drive our attitudes. Since we live in a fallen world, it becomes almost normal to act this way, and that’s fine. We’re not perfect. As you realize it, then give it to the Lord.

You also have to allow yourself to legitimately feel your emotions, whether negative or positive. It’s so easy to shove them aside and become distracted. We have so much going on around that keeps us from focusing on what we’re experiencing inwardly.

I’ve always struggled with showing my true emotions and really taking time to actually feel. Most of the time, I’m just so hurt that the sadness, frustration, and confusion are too painful to focus on. I want to distract myself. As a distraction, I watch Netflix or YouTube videos, go on my phone for a long time, read, or even hang out with my friends. None of these activities are necessarily wrong, but if I use them as an escape, then that’s not okay. God wants us to hand Him everything. Give Him your hopes, dreams, weaknesses, and anxieties. Give Him your broken heart. Do you think there are some areas in your life that God can’t handle? Give it to Him. You won’t be able to experience the Lord’s blessings if you hold tightly to areas where you don’t think He will come through.

An important thing to do daily is to confess your heart to the Lord. He wants to hear what’s on your mind. He wants you to give everything to Him including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Though He already knows it all, it becomes more personal when we communicate about our raw humanness because all Jesus wants is for us to come to Him. Don’t feel afraid to be vulnerable with Him. Gravitate towards Jesus. Rest in His unwavering love and peace, and know that it’s okay not to be okay.

Written by Averie Coen

By Communications | May 2nd 2019 | los angeles, missionaries, Blog, ywam, Jesus

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