Have Faith In Your Faith

Have Faith In Your Faith

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I have always since I was very little, desire to go to Paris Fashion Week. I used to love the industry, I was part of it, I went to school for it and I also gave it up about 8 years ago because I didn’t want to compromise my faith. But that’s for another story. Now, for the past 5 years, while being a full-time missionary, I have had the opportunity to volunteer in different roles in backstage of runways in Los Angeles and New York City with the purpose of praying, encouraging, loving people and share about the ONE who has redeemed my life, Jesus Christ.

The past couple of years I have prayed about going to Paris during fashion week with the same focus. Well, this year at summer (just a couple months before PFW) I felt like God was giving me the green light to go. WAIT WHAT?! Yes, at this point I had no industry contact in Paris at all, but I really believed that God was leading me to go, to show up, to wait and see what He would do. By faith I booked my flight ticket, without any housing yet and no contact. I really believed in my heart that God had something big but didn’t know what yet. I felt a little crazy but since I’ve seen so much of God’s faithfulness, I chose to TRUST His LEAD. Then about a week and half after I had booked my flight I saw that a designer who I had prayed about working with for a couple of years now, who is an amazing and influential woman who LOVES JESUS, was going to have her very first show in Paris this year. Then I felt led to reach out and ask if she needed any help. She asked me to come meet her for an interview and guess what?!? The truth is that she told me basically that I was an answer to her prayers and she knew the “role” was for me: to be her personal assistant and direct her show. WOW!! I was like what in the WORLD, this is an answer to my PRAYERS, actually better than what I had prayed for. Then God also provided housing and everything I needed for that time.

I am still processing as I share. As soon as I landed I went to work with her and the next day it was the show. It was a gorgeous show and the show started with a worship song, I felt the Holy Spirit as soon as the music started. It was magical and I know God was so in it!! I was living out a dream, that was better than my own dream. GO GOD!! God has been teaching me so much. He blows my mind with His faithfulness and the way He leads and guides me. There were so many special moments in Paris, this dream is not about me, even though I am enjoying it a lot. It is about how He wants to impact people, it is about how He wants to reach all people no matter where they are or where they come from. I am a vessel for His glory and I pray I always find courage to say YES, to believe, to have faith to be obedient to this radical call that so many times does not make sense, it feels scary and it looks a little crazy.

I share this with you to encourage you to have faith, to be active in your faith, yes doubt comes but God provides strength and wisdom. It is SO worth to trust His lead. It is so worth to follow His lead and to have things in His timing and in His way. He always knows BEST!! Remember what FAITH is. It is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us the assurance about the things that we cannot see. Faith is ACTIVE!

Lizbeth Espinoza

YWAM LA Staff Beauty Arise Global Director

By Communications | October 15th 2018 | blog

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