Intimacy Is Key

Intimacy Is Key


What is intimacy with God? What does that mean, and how can we live it out? Simply put, intimacy is being close with the Lord. You can be close to Him every day just by taking a few moments to recognize that He’s with you and desires to communicate. He cares so much about us and desires for us to come to Him and take time to simply be with Him.

Intimacy looks like spending quality time with God. Think about your hobbies and what activities you like to do. Writing, reading, hiking, singing, etc. Anything you do, do it with Jesus. He’s always there, and He wants to be with you through everything.

We can even have intimacy with God by sitting in silence. Most people find it hard to be settled in the silence and find solace in it, as this takes patience and practice. But you'll find that when you exercise this habit, it becomes easier.

For the majority of my life, I always felt like something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on what it was. My relationship with the Lord used to never be very intimate at all. I wasn’t taking time during my day to talk with Jesus and soak in His presence. That's what I was missing... a connection. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how much He loved me and desired quality time. Now I realize how vital it is to abide in Him and how I cannot function properly without being with Jesus.

In the midst of our crazy lives, we need to take some time to solely be in the presence of our Lord through intimacy with Him. We need to sit down, let our minds quiet, and listen to what He has to say. Quite often, you’ll find that the Holy Spirit won’t say anything. He’ll just be silent, and that’s okay. Perhaps He’s teaching you how to be silent as well. It’s a chaotic world we live in, therefore we should rest and quiet ourselves often. After our minds clear, that’s when we can better hear the voice of our Father.

Intimacy with God is of key significance. Without it, our souls are empty and unyielding to the spirit. We don’t feel properly fueled unless we have our daily time with the Lord. If we’re not drawing close to God, we won’t be able to hear His voice or grow in a deeper relationship with Him. Intimacy is crucial in order for us to live, move, breathe and to have life.



written by Averie Coen

By Communications | March 7th 2019 | los angeles, missionaries, ywam los angeles, blog, ywam, intimacy

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