Letting God Make You New

Letting God Make You New

Once, there was an original design, which God had made and said that it was good. But the world fell away, we disobeyed and there was a crack in humanity, we became broken. God continuously sought out a relationship with us, so we could truly be close to Him. For this to happen we had to be made whole and restored to our original design in-order to dwell with our Creator. A transformation needed to take place.

God in His infinite glory had a plan from the beginning. He chose to sacrifice his Son for us; His creation. Although blameless he took on our faults and cleared us of any guilt in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. The book of Colossians talks about how we once were living in sin, but then because of Jesus’ death were seen as blameless. God forgave us for our disobedience, and by accepting this free gift, we begin a transformation, from our old sinful self, into a new beautiful creation, with the promise to be reunited with our Father.

In this transformation we can begin to walk away from sin, leave our broken pasts, and follow the desires that reflect our Father. God has won our hearts, we have dedicated them to him, and He has sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. If we truly walk alongside him, our hearts and our core being will desire God’s will. In 1 Peter it says, “But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy.” This is an invitation to be set apart. Now that you walk alongside God, you don’t have to sin any longer, the Holy Spirit living inside of us, guides us to God’s will and strengthens us to deny our earthly desires.

It also means we no longer need to carry our shame. Shame is harmful, it stops us from being vulnerable with others. Vulnerability is essential for true growth. If we want to take any steps forward in our faith we need to be vulnerable with those around us, so that we may understand where we are, and be challenged to press on to where we are going. By being vulnerable, we allow God and others into our hearts, and grant work to be done there. As believers we need to begin to let go of shame, since Jesus has taken our guilt we have no reason to harbor shame in our hearts.

We have the ability to allow others to be transformed, by living out our lives in our original design. We attract the broken with the light they see in us. The light that only comes from God, for He is the hope they so desperately need. This doesn’t require doing extravagant things to prove our lives are now peaceful and full of joy, it only entails being who we were originally made to be, living out each day in love and grounded in our identity. God should never be concealed, His character should be reflected by our actions, our words, and our life to those around us. We often talk about things that excite us; movies, sports, coffee, it’s different for each of us, but every christian should not be able to shut their mouth about God.  What He is doing in our lives and how great the gift of salvation is, should not be kept secret. There is a whole world who needs to hear our stories, we can encourage other Christians with our testimony, and be a beacon to those who have never heard the transformational power of Jesus. Let our lives of freedom and joy be an open invitation to the hurt and broken.

Being transformed is not a one time event, it is an on-going process of becoming the person you were designed to be. This journey away from sin, shame, and guilt only leads to freedom. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit, the sacrifice of a perfect Son, and the call of a Father that we might walk away from the brokenness that we once dwelled in. Let us take our steps towards true identity with a joyful spirit, inviting others to also begin their transformation process.

Written by Alex Barber

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By Communications | April 27th 2017 | Blog

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