Living In Community

Living In Community

After doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School), when students were asked what part was their favorite, or what made the most impact, the majority of answers revolve around the same idea, community. At YWAM LA, we strive to build a culture that emphasizes the importance of community. But why? Community is not just because we are all extroverts, longing to spend time with each other, but there are a few big reasons we make time for one another each day.

We are relational beings. God at the core of His character is relational. Our very existence is a result of God wanting to have a relationship with us, and sharing a beautiful and perfect creation. So when we gather as a community we can observe and enjoy an important characteristic of who God actually is. Not only that, it allows for us to be able to display His other characteristics; love, kindness, patience, etc. God never isolated Himself, and we choose to follow His lead and surround ourselves with people we love.

Accountability is something that comes naturally when we incorporate community into our lives. Accountability is key to personal growth, having people hold you to your word, or walk with us as we grow makes the process infinitely easier. Often when people hear the word accountability they feel nervous, as if they will get in trouble for failing or falling short, but in DTS people find that the people who keep them accountable are filled with love and grace, people who are truly cheering you on rather than waiting to call you out on any tiny mistakes.

When we create a community filled with people from around the world, we get to experience so many different cultures. Every culture brings its own uniqueness to the base and creates a one of a kind culture found nowhere else in the world. Learning about your roommate’s country and background is such a fun experience, especially if they are Swiss and bring chocolate!

In our community we also work to have a culture of celebration. When we become close to one another and cheer each other on, we love to celebrate others’ progress and accomplishments.  We love to see our base grow, and the individuals within it grow as well. Dance parties and various events are held on base because we love to celebrate and have fun. In an environment of joy and excitement we can see God’s character.

Will you join our community? A season of spending intentional time surrounded by people striving to serve and seek God, will change how we interact with the world, how serve, and our behavior around others.

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By Communications | September 21st 2017 | blog

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