Los Angeles, Our Mission Field

Los Angeles, Our Mission Field

Los Angeles, Our Mission Field[/fusion_title][fusion_text]Why do people come to the city? They are drawn here. There is a magnetic pull to the souls of those longing to create. The city offers a reality to our hearts deepest longings. To be seen, known, and loved. Every person has a desire to impact the world with their lives. Los Angeles is a place where all things are seemingly possible. But is this a place you can do missions? Many would say that this city has strayed so far from its true design that there is no turning back. However God is moving in this city. Will you be the one to partner with what He is doing?

When I first moved to YWAM Los Angeles I didn’t have a heart for this city. I came because of the vibrant healthy community that was offered at this base. I live for the mountains and woods. The sunshine and beaches never really attracted me. But God called me here. During the first week we were brought to Griffith Observatory to pray for LA. To me, this was not my city. However my view of this place was quickly turned upside down. As I looked out over the vast city lights God began to show me His heart for the people who live here. Los Angeles is known as a place where all of your dreams can come true. How many stories have you heard of young dreamers coming to this place to make it big. Almost to many to count. But there is a mask over this place. Creatives come from all over the world to live the life they most desire. However, without God what they think will fulfill their hearts only ends in a shallow empty image of their true design. The disappointments of a life lived without desires being met usually surfaces as anger when trapped on i-405 for the millionth time. I see it time and time again, the dead lifeless glances of those who appear to have everything and yet lack life’s most important essentials. There is something missing.

When someone say missions there are the usual images that run through our heads; someone holding a small child in the bush of Africa, perhaps the slums of Asia, or a youth trip to Mexico. It is easy to get stuck in the idea that God is just with the poor. But what about the poor in spirit? God says in John that He came so we might have life and have it to the full. He came that we all get the opportunity to experience the kind of love we were designed to have. I believe that the people of Los Angeles capture a very key part of who God is. They bring to life creativity better than anyone else in the world. However without God, the things we do fall short. I have a creator who constructed the whole universe with His own words. He is a poetic Father writing the most epic love story known to man. He is constant, ever creating, and continuously transforming lives. His greatest masterpiece is me… us. The best part of all of this is that He wants to create with us. The God of the universe wants us to dream with Him and add to the beauty of the world. That is amazing. If the people of this city, in all of their artistic passionate being, could grasp that, well we might just change the world.

Los Angeles is one of the most influential cities ever. So many countries looks to this place for culture, creativity, movies, you name it. I’ve talked to people in Asia who’s life goal is to make it to Los Angeles. There is something about this city that just draws people in. You can find representatives of every nation, all twenty minutes apart. They are flocking to us. God said to go into all the nations and preach the gospel. So when all of the nation are right at your door step you better believe we will respond. Why do a DTS at YWAMLos Angeles? Because if we can reach this city we reach the world.

Written by Autumn Phillips

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By Communications | April 20th 2017 | Blog

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