The Divide of Sacred & Secular

By Sarah Davis | December 5th 2019 | trust, spiritual, secular, god, christian, sacred

There's been a trend in the last few decades of dividing the sacred and secular. Christians tend to separate things like music, work, or art apart[...]

Wild men, Rise up

By Javier Lopez | November 13th 2019 | compassion, Father's heart

As a man, there’s a wildness to being compassionate. There’s a piece in my heart that’s stirred when I see those who are hurting. It’s in our DNA to[...]

Call to War

By Tara Herbert | October 17th 2019 | Anti human Trafficking, Justice 180, justice

The alarm goes off, it’s 2:45 am. Our house is stirring, jumping out of bed, preparing to go to battle. It’s a battle unlike anything I’ve seen. Our[...]

Play Your Part

By Tara Herbert | October 10th 2019 | Anti human Trafficking, Justice 180, justice

    Justice 180 doesn’t exist solely to reach out to the girls on the streets in Los Angeles or to reach the girls we meet in bars and brothels in[...]

Burn the Boats

By Sarah Davis | October 3rd 2019 | ywam los angeles, obedience, burn the boats, sacrifice

Will you follow God without turning back? It requires sacrifice and it's not easy. You can choose to stay in the comfort or you can decide to follow[...]

Because They Matter

By Sarah Davis | September 26th 2019 | ywam los angeles, ywam, Justice 180, justice

   We fight for “the one” because they matter. We fight for justice because we believe in valuing the individual. We won’t stand by and watch as[...]

Obedience Isn't Always Easy

By Sarah Davis | September 19th 2019 | ywam los angeles, ywam, obedience


Where were you, God?

By Cassandra Campbell | September 11th 2019 | 9/11, remember, God is good

September 11th, 2001. This was a day that will forever be marked as one of the worst days in American history. It didn’t matter if you were American[...]

Here I am

By Emily Bates | September 5th 2019 | Faith, trust, Future

I am pretty sure that the majority of toddlers know how to say “no” before a lot of other words are added to their vocabulary. Eventually the word[...]

Turning to Trust

By Emily Bates | August 29th 2019 | Faith, trust, Future

Do you know what I love to have in place?