Where are The Places We Go in Los Angeles?

Where are The Places We Go in Los Angeles?

One of the best parts of LA is there are so many areas that make up the whole. There are plenty of opportunities and places to get plugged in for each person's passion. The county of LA is split up into various cities and neighborhoods all with their own individual vibe, and each has a ton to offer. Here are a few of the places we love to go and share the love of Jesus!


Hollywood is, well, interesting. It may not be what you expect but we love the quirkiness of the boulevard and surrounding area. We often send teams there to evangelize and take “Free Hugs” and “Free Prayer” signs, spreading some much needed love. There are a lot of people here striving to achieve dreams, as well as a lot of tourists. We love the idea that people would come on vacation but leave finding God, and people who have made this place home would find peace. With so many lights and sounds, we are the whisper of God’s voice, but He is powerful and we have seen incredible things happen on the Hollywood Boulevard.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown is buzzing with activity and we love it. With so many opportunities to reach so many different types of people, we think Downtown is a great location to continue sending teams and individuals to impact LA. Partnering with organizations such as the Union Rescue Mission, as well as doing normal evangelism we have fallen in love with the city and the people who call it home. Businesses, parks, theatres, and plenty of people (2.9 million), there is so much for us to do in the Downtown area. Skid row is also located in the area, a home to many homeless, and we go pray and spend time with those in need of hope.


Venice is filled with people looking for something more. So we love to go there and show them the hope that we have. Setting up “Free Prayer” booths people come, looking for answers. Many people call Venice home and line the boardwalk with their art and belongings. Often they are looked down on or are seen as lesser, we believe they are all children of God and we love to remind them of their true worth. Calling out the beauty in the art and in their identity as children of God, God moves in crazy ways to the lost here.


Our next door neighbor is a great place to get involved. We have people working in afterschool programs, helping with homework and playing sports and games with the kids who need healthy role models. We have sent teams to evangelize as well as bless the community, going into laundromats and paying for people's laundry and spending time with them as they wait may be simple but we have seen the impact in the community. We believe that being a positive impact on our direct community is just as important as reaching the larger cities and neighborhoods. How can we impact the world without helping out our own home?

Los Angeles is famous and portrayed as the most amazing place in the world. And we believe it is, but it is also incredibly broken and in need of a Saviour. We get excited with each opportunity that we have to bring the news that it has one. As God continues to open doors for us to work in these cities will you join us? Help us reach these cities, neighborhoods, people.

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