Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

A few years ago, randomly and uninvited, I was hit with a bad intolerance for lactose. I had never heard of dairy intolerance until I was in my twenties, and thought it was the craziest thing I had ever heard of. To me, dairy intolerance seemed more like a choice than anything else. I had survived and thrived 25 years of my life without this intolerance, so I thought I was in the clear to ever getting it. I thought wrong.

I remember when the symptoms first arose. I had eaten pasta, heavy on the cheese, and soon after I started feeling terribly ill. I went home to lie down, unsure of why my body suddenly felt sick. I know now that it was my stomach cramping and aching because of the cheese. But being that I never experienced the brutal pain of lactose intolerance, I simply thought I was coming down with a severe virus or flu. I took DayQuil Extra Strength and waited for the medicine to take effect.

The next morning I woke up feeling better and was excited to see that we would have mac and cheese for lunch. I had two hearty servings, and within a matter of minutes I started feeling extremely sick again. I went home, downed another shot of DayQuil and lay down, barely being able to tolerate the pain my body was in.

This cycle of eating cheese, feeling sick, and taking wrong medication went on for a few days before I started putting the pieces together. Then it slowly and fiercely hit me! IT WAS THE CHEESE! So I had a slice of cheese to be sure that what I deduced was correct. And to my unfortunate dissatisfaction, I realized that my body was intolerant to cheese. I could not believe the betrayal of my own body.

Thus started a long, sad journey of my dairy intolerance. I would feel excruciating pain if I attempted to eat any dairy, especially cheese, butter, and yogurt. It’s hard to describe the agony that dairy caused my body, but my stomach aches would be so debilitating that I had to sit or lay down until the pain passed.

Throughout the time that I had this intolerance, I prayed almost everyday for God to heal me. I believed that He did not create me with like this and I refused to accept that I would live with dairy intolerance forever. I would speak life to my healing by telling my friends and anyone who would listen that one day God would restore my body to its original health. There was no way I would accept this intolerance. 

Then in 2017, I led an amazing outreach team to Costa Rica and Brazil. Before going, I remember thinking how difficult it would be to go to my motherland, Brazil, and not be able to eat any dairy. I was sad to say the least, but this was my life now. I continued to tell my students that I knew God would heal me one day, and in my heart I secretly hoped it would be soon.

One day, my student Linda J. came to me and said that she wanted to be bolder and braver in walking out in her spiritual gifting. She felt like God was showing her that she had the gift of faith and healing, and her “speciality” would be praying for inner stomach illnesses. I couldn’t believe my ears! I barely let her finish her sentence before I said, “Okay, let’s start NOW! You pray for God to heal my lactose intolerance! GO!!” I lay down, closed my eyes, and waited for her to stop laughing and start praying.

Linda prayed a simple and honest prayer. There was power in her humbleness and faith that shifted something in the spiritual realm. I remember her being nervous when I told her I would be eating dairy that night.

“What if you aren’t really healed?” she asked.

“I guess we’ll never know until I try it out.” I answered and gave her a tight hug.

That night, I ate dairy. I waited for the pain to come, but nothing happened. I was cautious of my movements, and expectant of both healing and pain. I was so used to the aches that followed dairy intake that I kept poking my stomach to somehow active the intolerance.


I stood up, I walked around, I even jumped. I checked for bloating. I waited and waited and waited.


Finally, after a few hours I decided that the pain was not coming. I was healed! I shared the news with my students and we were in complete disbelief. We could not grasp that God really healed my body!

My healing came quietly and plainly, but came to stay. I ate dairy the next day again. I wanted to make sure SURE that I was healed. I ate lots of dairy and my body processed it, naturally and effortlessly. I kept trying for the entire week and there was no pain. No signs of ever having struggled with dairy intolerance.  

It felt too good to be true, so I waited until Brazil to really see if I was healed. I ate lots of delicious dairy dishes in Brazil. No reactions. It felt incredible to not feel pain while eating my favorite foods. Cheese balls, creamy pasta, yogurt, parmesan cheese, all the cheese… you name it and I was eating it.

I felt like the ultimate test of healing would come when I was back in America. So when I came back, I ate American cheese.

NOTHING! No pain, no reactions, no bloating, no signs, not even in the slightest. I was healed. I am healed!

It’s been over a year of my body being healed now. I don’t know why God choose to heal me, but I am forever grateful. Where I once struggled to believe that God still heals, I am now living proof of His ability. I am not the first healed person, and I know I won’t be the last. All I know is that God is capable and willing to heal us.

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