Serving a Broken City

Serving a Broken City

We are all called to love on others and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. YWAM LA is just one of the thousands of amazing places you can go to do just that. We have several great opportunities for you to become involved in on our campus.

Enroll in a DTS: 

Being in a five-month Discipleship Training School is the perfect way to grow your relationship with God, deepen or renew your faith, build new friendships, and travel. It’s the perfect package all rolled into one. We have so many young people coming here who are seeking after God and their purpose. Here, they find both…often in the most unexpected ways. There’s so much to glean from lecture please that students will be able to apply as they leave for outreach phase.


Serve as a mission builder: 

If you’re looking for a more short term gig, you should look into mission building. Through this incredible program, you get to serve on our base. You could be assigned from anything to kitchen duty to maintenance or helping pull weeds with the grounds crew. You can be a mission builder for as short as three weeks or up to three months.


Become a staff member: 

Being a full-time staff member is such an amazing job. You’re constantly surrounded by great people and create countless memories. We work everywhere from staffing a DTS to working in the offices. Every single job here is vital for helping disciple young people to go out into the nations and change the world.

That was just our campus. In this huge city, there are so many ministries and things you can do that’ll help benefit the kingdom of God. The Los Angeles population is gigantic, and there are so many people who’re lost and broken. We feel so lucky to have the ability to live so close to such a large and prominent city. LA is home to approximately four million people. Some of these people include celebrities and those who have a big influence on the entertainment industry. Through serving anywhere we can, we can help influence the city in a positive way towards Jesus. Los Angeles is one of the most influential cities in the world because of the entertainment industry. They create so many movies, television shows, and ads that become international and popular. We need people who are passionate to make a change in this ever-growing corrupt sphere of society. This is just one major way to serve in this city. There are so many other ways to reach the lost. YWAM LA helps with a lot of different ministries, but we also go out and evangelize and pray for people. We like to walk down Hollywood Boulevard and evangelize to random people we encounter. There’s always a positive outcome from doing things that seem small, such as having a conversation with someone. But you never know what that person needed to hear, and you being there and speaking life into them could change their life forever.

There are many ministries we love to help with, but we often send most of the DTS’s and secondary schools to have conversations with and assist the homeless. There are hundreds of men, women, and children in Los Angeles who live on the streets and struggle to get by daily. This is an issue that we’re passionate about because we take many trips to Hollywood Boulevard or downtown LA to spread the light to those living without the everyday commodities. We believe that we can transform Los Angeles for the better when we abandon our comfort zones and go out into the world. Though we believe that it’s vital to send people out into the nations to make disciples, we know that first we need to share the good news with those around us. This includes people in the neighborhood areas surrounding us, our families, and our friends. When we can help and share God’s word with them, the more we can go out confidently and bless others within the nations.





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