Silence and Solitude

Silence and Solitude

When you read the title of this blog, “silence and solitude”, what do you immediately think of? Maybe you think of sitting alone by a river. Or you imagine being alone in a room, among nature, or completely isolating yourself from everyone else. People get different pictures. The point is, do you understand what silence and solitude means? This is an important topic because we’re meant to be in the presence of God through silence and solitude regularly. It can be very difficult to maintain a lifestyle where you spend two, eight, twelve, or even twenty-four hours just to be with the Lord. This might sound crazy to some people. I mean, twenty-four hours? Spending an entire day with no one else but the Holy Spirit?!


Yeah, why not?

Jesus calls us to come away with Him. He wants us to leave our earthly possessions and our family and friends for awhile, all to be with Him and have no distractions. We allow ourselves to become so caught up in the hustle and bustle of this world. We go with the flow of the culture and tend to tell Jesus to wait and always come up with excuses as to why we can’t spend time with Him. Whether the reason is we’re “too busy” or “there’s not enough time in the day.”

When do we ever spend a long amount of time in silence and solitude with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ? Sometimes we barely give Him half an hour of our time. We’re too preoccupied with Netflix, social media, going out, and so many distractions and problems that the world throws at us.

Also, our head is constantly running with thoughts, and they never seem to slow down. We become overwhelmed by the weight of everything that’s on our mind. Sometimes it can be harder to connect with God because of this reason. When you’re waiting on the Lord, it can be difficult to hear Him because thoughts and the words from other people and the world tend to muffle our ears to the sound of the Holy Spirit’s voice. But we’re only human and so it’s only natural for our minds to be consistently processing, analyzing and remembering. You might have to sit and wait for an hour or so before you’re finally ready and your mind is open to listen to the Holy Spirit. Don’t feel discouraged if it takes awhile, because that’s completely fine. God understands that we’re not always going to be one hundred percent present all the time. That’s the reason why we need to spend multiple hours in silence and solitude. We need longer than half an hour or just one hour since we get so easily sidetracked.

Don’t you wonder what would happen if we set everything aside, including our focus on ourselves, even just for a day, to be with Jesus? Our minds, souls and spirit would be renewed. But the question is what keeps us from being with God? Why do we get so easily sidetracked and thrown off from the path we’re walking on? Well, nobody said that the walk with Jesus would be easy. In fact, it’s meant to be challenging. Without the challenge, we wouldn’t feel the need to seek out the Lord. He wants us to come to Him. He wants us to lay down our burdens and rest in the silence. Some people do this by driving somewhere quiet, others lock themselves in a room, go for a hike, etc. A good suggestion is to take a day or two (or even longer) off and away from the world. This can be terrifying for some people, especially if you’re extroverted. However, we don’t notice we need the Lord so much until we finally get away from our busy lives. Think of it as a vacation with the Holy Spirit.

Sit in the stillness with Him.

Don’t take any electronics with you. Yes, you read that right.

Only bring what He tells you to bring.

Listen to His ever-present voice.

And be enthralled by the peace and happiness you feel once you’re in His presence.

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