Recognizing God's Presence

By Communications | January 23rd 2020 | ywam los angeles, blog, YWAM la

Do you ever wonder what the smile of God looks like? Have you ever really sat with Him and asked what He likes most about the trees? Do you know what[...]

Living An Adventurous Life

By Communications | January 16th 2020 | blog, Blog, ywam, YWAM la

Millennials are known for craving it, whether it is living in a van, tiny house, or quitting their jobs all together to travel. Our social media is[...]

Finding Your Purpose

By Communications | December 26th 2019 | blog, purpose

What is my purpose? Why am I here? These questions are contemplated by every individual at some point in their lives. Many struggle with it, the[...]

Daily Dose of Jesus

By Communications | May 30th 2019 | missionaries, blog, ywam, intimacy, quiet time

Having a daily quiet time is crucial for our relationship with Jesus. It allows us to practice intimacy with Him, and out of that intimacy comes joy[...]


By Communications | March 21st 2019 | los angeles, missionaries, blog, thankful, thankfulness

Be thankful.

Intimacy Is Key

By Communications | March 7th 2019 | los angeles, missionaries, ywam los angeles, blog, ywam, intimacy

  What is intimacy with God? What does that mean, and how can we live it out? Simply put, intimacy is being close with the Lord. You can be close to[...]

Where are The Places We Go in Los Angeles?

By Communications | December 4th 2018 | blog

One of the best parts of LA is there are so many areas that make up the whole. There are plenty of opportunities and places to get plugged in for[...]

Have you ever heard about outreach?

By Communications | October 22nd 2018 | africa, jucum, los angeles, missionaries, ywam los angeles, blog, gap year, jocum, mission, ywam

To know God and make Him known, that is our mission, that is what we do. DTS is the starting gate of YWAM. You step into your first role as a[...]

Have Faith In Your Faith

By Communications | October 15th 2018 | blog

Story Time! Get some coffee or tea and get comfortable!

We are all called to be leaders

By Communications | April 4th 2018 | blog