A Life Refined By Risk

By Communications | September 7th 2017 | blog


6 Reasons to Get Stoked for Your Discipleship Training School Outreach

By Communications | August 31st 2017 | blog

After three months of lecture phase of your DTS, where you are learning about God’s character and deepening in relationship with him, you take the[...]

Truly Knowing God

By Communications | July 27th 2017 | blog

Monday begins, we groan but we continue on with our usual routine; each day similar to the next. By weeks end we are exhausted but we go over our[...]

5 Tips For Fundraising For Your DTS

By Communications | July 20th 2017 | blog

One of the biggest reasons people tend to shy away from doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) is because of the money. Most people do DTS right[...]

7 Things We Love In Los Angeles

By Communications | July 13th 2017 | blog

There are so many places to go explore and activities to experience. Although the city seems very intimidating at first, we have compiled a list of[...]

Do We Really Want Adventure?

By Communications | June 22nd 2017 | blog

Millennials are known for craving it, whether it is living in a van, tiny house, or quitting their jobs all together to travel. Our social media is[...]

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Discipleship Training School

By Communications | June 8th 2017 | blog

1. Don’t Hold Tight To Your Expectations As the beginning of DTS draws closer your excitement and expectations for this adventure will build. Many of[...]

Searching For Purpose

By Communications | May 25th 2017 | blog

What is my purpose? Why am I here? These questions are contemplated by every individual at some point in their lives. Many struggle with it, the[...]

God Wants To Use Your Story

By Communications | May 18th 2017 | blog

Stories, they create within us emotions that no other medium can produce. They ignite a passion and a desire to live a great life. One that impacts[...]

3 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

By Communications | May 11th 2017 | blog

Previously in North America, gap years have been against the social norm, with only 1% of students participating in designated time away from[...]