A World Full of Distractions

By Sarah Davis | February 13th 2020 | god, YWAM la, distraction, hunger, dts

Our world is filled with distractions. When we wake up we hear the ding of a text message or the notification of a recent follower on Instagram. We[...]

A Lifestyle of Discipline

By Sarah Davis | February 5th 2020 | Jesus, obedience, god, YWAM la, discipline

Following Jesus requires discipline. Every day we have a choice to die to our flesh and live in the Spirit. The way of Jesus isn't easy, yet He[...]

Recognizing God's Presence

By Communications | January 23rd 2020 | ywam los angeles, blog, YWAM la

Do you ever wonder what the smile of God looks like? Have you ever really sat with Him and asked what He likes most about the trees? Do you know what[...]

Living An Adventurous Life

By Communications | January 16th 2020 | blog, Blog, ywam, YWAM la

Millennials are known for craving it, whether it is living in a van, tiny house, or quitting their jobs all together to travel. Our social media is[...]