Be thankful.

Those words sound so easy, right? Well, it’s not always easy to be thankful for what we have and what God’s doing in our lives. What if we don’t like what He’s doing? He could be breaking down walls or wanting us to surrender something we’re not willing to give up. The thing is, Jesus calls us to be thankful in all circumstances. Through trials and triumphs, we should remain steadfast in our faith and think of all that God has given us.

We need to focus on what we’re grateful for and reminisce on that daily. We here at Youth With A Mission Los Angeles, we believe that there is a great significance to remembering what we’re thankful for, and to praise God for it. Why? Because God has blessed us beyond comprehension. He’s given us family, friends, and life. We should remember to be thankful every morning we awaken. Think about it. When the sun rises and we open our eyes, it means that God allowed us to, and there’s still life to live. He isn’t done with us yet. Our life has a purpose and He has a plan for our being.

When we wake up, what if the first thing we think about is what God has blessed us with? I think that constantly being reminded of this is so crucial. When we’re having a bad day or when the negativity of the world sets in our minds, we can look to Jesus and all He’s blessed us with. What we should be grateful for the most is the fact that Jesus died on the cross for us. He died for everyone’s sin, pain, fears, etc. How amazing is that!? Even if we can just reflect on this sacrifice daily, it’ll make a big difference in our outlook on life, how we act, and how we treat one another.

Something that is really difficult is remaining thankful in all circumstances. We often ask God how we can be thankful even when things go wrong in our lives. Being grateful when difficult times arise is very countercultural. Most people cannot imagine sending praise to the Lord when life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. When life throws curveballs, the common response is to blame God and become resentful. We can avoid having this mindset by going over even the little things in life that make us appreciate being alive.

One key idea for practicing thankfulness is to keep a list of what you’re grateful for. Start with listing the people, places, and things that God puts on your heart. Think of what or who makes you happy. I’ll give you an example below of some things I’m grateful for:

. Jesus (of course)

. Family

. Friends

. Nature

. Water

. Chocolate

. Internet

It can be anything of big to little significance. Anything that puts a smile on your face, write it down for your “thankfulness list.” This will hopefully be a good tool for you to recall what you’re thankful for and praise Jesus for it.

written by Averie Coen

By Communications | March 21st 2019 | los angeles, missionaries, blog, thankful, thankfulness

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