We are all called to be leaders

We are all called to be leaders


Have you noticed that people in our generation want to make a difference in this world? The time we live in needs young people who can make a difference and impact the world by leading well. We are all called to be leaders. Even if you’re not in a leadership position, you still lead yourself and your own life.  That’s why it’s important to develop our leadership skills. We must know how to lead ourselves first, so that we can lead others. Leadership starts with knowing who you are and your identity in Christ.

Character over giftings

Something I’ve learned from following good leaders, is that developing your leadership skills means developing your character. In Christian leadership, character matters more than giftings. Leadership tests your maturity. I know this from experience. This maturity means your willingness and ability to go to places you would rather not go and do things you would rather not do.

An important lesson I’ve learned from being in leadership positions is that in order to know how to lead, you need to know how to follow. A big part of leadership is actually being led. We’ve seen many Christian leaders give in to the temptation of power and entitlement. The true spiritual leadership we are called to means abandoning power and doing everything out of love.

I’ve experienced the importance of integrity, vulnerability and transparency in Christian leadership. Isn’t this what Jesus modeled for us? This is something that can make us stand out from the rest of the world. I encourage you to be a vulnerable servant. Remember that you need your people as much as they need their leader. Be willing and open to confess your own brokenness and ask for forgiveness when needed. Don’t give in to the temptation of power and entitlement.

Isn’t it relieving to know that instead of giftings, what you need to focus on is your character, integrity and intimacy with God? Your giftings will flow from that.

Be a servant leader

Our world needs people who know the heart of God. The loving heart of God that doesn’t have hatred or resentment. Our world needs leaders who know this heart and who reflect that to others. Leaders who want to give love and receive love in response.

We train servant leaders to disciple the nations. This is our mission statement as YWAM Los Angeles. It’s great to be trained as a leader in a community that values this and knows that discipleship requires servant leaders. One of YWAM’s 18 foundational values is “Exhibit servant leadership”. We are called to servant leadership as a lifestyle. A servant leader honors the people they lead, and their giftings. This is the kind of leadership Jesus showed us as he served his disciples. This is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus, and as leaders.

You are not alone

You are not meant to face life alone. Neither are you meant to face ministry alone. I believe that God wants us to walk in our callings, as well as face everyday life, with the support and love of a community.

When Jesus sent his disciples to share the gospel, he sent them in pairs (Mark 6:7). In the same way He gives us His authority and wants us to face leadership positions with other people, whether you lead yourself, your family, an organization or a team. Receive support from people around you and know that you have the authority you need. Develop your leadership skills with boldness and confidence, because you are called to be a leader too.

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